All artists that visited Aerial Academics to share their knowledge, expertise and skills.


Julia Langenberg (Aerial Horizon, San Antonio, USA) is a professional aerial performer, choreographer, and instructor, consistently performing for national and international companies for 15 years. She is a graduate of the New England Center for Circus Arts, where she mastered aerial fabric, lyra, trapeze, and rope, while expanding her expertise with experience on Chinese pole, acrobatics, tumbling, sling, and an invented ground apparatus called a “halo.” She visited Aerial Academics in September 2017, teaching a series of aerial silk workshops focusing on achieving a solid technique (i.a. by solving riddles) and acquiring control in drops.


Dr. Jennifer Crane (Cirque Physio, San Francisco, USA) is a licensed physical therapist (doctorate in Physical Therapy), athletic trainer, board certified orthopedic specialist, and published author. Now, in addition to maintaining her practice in California, she works on a contractual basis with Cirque Du Soleil, as a physiotherapist in their performance medicine department. She visited Aerial Academics in April 2018, where she gave a series of flexibility (lower back and upper back) and injury prevention (shoulder) workshops.


Shannon McKenna (The Artist Athlete, USA) is an aerialist who performs as solo artist, a part of an artistic duo and ensembles, she teaches workshops and classes to all ages and abilities in over 20 states. She obtained her coaching certification from The New England Center for Circus Arts. Next to her comprehensive aerial performance and teaching career, she also founded The Artist Athlete in 2018 as a means to produce educational materials for aerial artists and a podcast in which she interviews experts in the circus industry about their careers. She visited Aerial Academics in April 2018 for a series of aerial silk workshops, working on alignment, inversions and control in drops.

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Sarah Romanowsky (USA) is a multidisciplinary aerial performer, choreographer and coach. She practices aerial silk, hoop, rope, hammock and harness and she dances. She has both taught and performed various aerial art disciplines all over the world. She visited Aerial Academics in March 2019 for a series of workshops, matching with her multidisciplinary skill set. She taught workshops in aerial hoop, hammock, aerial rope and aerial silk.


Gloria Girlinger (Aerial Infinity, Linz, Austria) is co-owner of Aerial Infinity. She provides classes in aerial hoop, pole dancing, hammock, trapeze and aerial silk. Additionally she is a certified yoga teacher. She keeps improving her skill by traveling through Europe, learning form artists from all disciplines. She visited Aerial Academics in Augustus 2019, providing an aerial hoop workshop.


Diane Krijger (Dansstudio Diance, The Netherlands) is the proud owner of Dansstudio Diance. She is a certified pole dance instructor, but also provides classes aerial hoop and aerial silk. She visited Aerial Academics in April 2019 for a four-week series of aerial hoop workshops and in February/March 2020 for a three-week series of both aerial hoop and flexibility workshops.

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Hanne Coeckelbergs (Belgium) is an uprising circus artist, well known for her dynamic movements in the silk. In 2015 she was accepted to the Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art (ACaPA) and was the first student to start her Bachelor with aerial silk as her main discipline. During her study, she also got engaged in other disciplines outside her daily school schedule. Here she developed skills in both hand balancing and aerial straps. She visited Aerial Academics in October 2018 and May 2019, providing dynamic workshops in both straps and aerial silk.


Sander Boschma (The Netherlands) is an uprising circus artist and at this moment perhaps best known for his dynamic performance in straps. During his education at the Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art (ACaPA) in Tilburg he did not only develop his skills in straps, but also improved his technique and performance in other aerial disciplines like the silks, rope but also in hand balancing. Since his graduation from ACaPA in June 2019, he is performing at several festivals and events, whilst teaching workshops as well. He visited Aerial Academics in October 2019, giving workshops in multiple aerial disciplines (straps, aerial silk and aerial rope) and hand balancing.


Belle Kok (The Netherlands) is an uprising aerial hoop artist. During her performances, she amazes the audience with vibrant tricks, which require a lot of strength and flexibility. During her education at the Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art (ACaPA) in Tilburg, she was the only student which chose the specialization aerial hoop, which meant that she was able to spend a lot of  time with her teacher. She visited Aerial Academics in January 2020, providing an aerial hoop workshop with a complementary flexibility workshop.

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