At Aerial Academics, we offer weekly aerial silk classes. During these classes you will train in groups at a fixed day and time. In these classes we challenge you to redefine your boundaries, push your limits and to increase your flexibility, strength and endurance. All of this will be done according to the level of the participants. This is why we classify our classes by level. To guarantee the safety and quality of the classes, the number of participants per class is limited and there is always sufficient instruction/supervision available. You pay the membership fee per month. When you register or re-register as a member, you will also need to pay an additional registration fee in the first month.

As a member you are able to train one time per week at a fixed day and a fixed time. In order to place someone in the right group, we request everyone to take a trial lesson prior to becoming a member. To guarantee safety and quality, trial lessons are planned outside regular classes.

Trial lesson. €10,- (one-time only class, only possible at a pre-arranged moment, in case you decide to become a member within four weeks after this class you will receive the costs of this trial lesson in the form of a discount on your registration fee)

Membership fee. €40,- per month
Registration fee. €25,-
Minimum age. 16 years
Notice period. Membership can be terminated on the first of the following month. We do not have a notice period.
Holidays. On (public) holidays, the classes will expire. Additionally, four weeks a year no classes will be given. During the summer break (3 weeks in the period July-August) we will work with an adjusted schedule.

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Private class & small-group training

Do you already have some silk experience, but you have specific goals in mind that you would like to work on alone or together with some fellow silkers? For example a routine on music, a specific technique or a certain drop. Mail us with a description of your goal and we will see how we can help you with this.

Private class 1 – 3 persons 
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: The price varies from €55,- to €20,- per person.
The price is dependent on the number of participants (1-3) and the content that is requested (specialized/advanced to general/beginner). Customized requests, such as a series of several private classes and/or classes of longer duration, are possible in consultation.

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Workshop aerial (silk, hoop of rope)

Would you like to some time with family, friends or collegues, trying out a vibrant new sport during a family day, bachelor party or staff outing?  Contact us for the possibilities. It is a guaranteed sporty, fun and of course super challenging activity. The workshop can be adapted to any level. If desired, we can also give a nice demonstration of this beautiful sport.

  • Welcome drink (non-alcoholic)
  • Warming-up
  • Aerial (choose one of the following disciplines: aerial silk , aerial hoop of aerial rope)
  • Drink with a treat, and if desired a short demonstration
  • Cooling down

Workshop 4 – 12 persons (depending on the chosen discipline)
Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: €30,- per person
Payment: Transfer at the latest a week before the workshop. Cash payments only possible after consultation with us.

Workshop Flexibility

The teachers at Aerial Academics are both certified in safely guiding the development of flexibility. In addition, Judith is a NGS and VOS certified sports masseuse (Sports Care and Sports Massage) and has a broad knowledge of anatomy. During a workshop flexibility you will learn fundamental and effective techniques for obtaining for example a nice front or middle split. Additionally, we will give you theoretical insight in the anatomy and functionality of your muscles and joints. 

  • Warming-up
  • Flexibility
  • Cooling down

Workshop 4 – 12 persons
Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: Price will be determined in consultation, depending on location and number of participants.
Payment: Transfer at the latest a week before the workshop. Cash payments only possible after consultation with us.

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Terms and Agreements & Rules and Regulations

All members and participants of Aerial Academics activities are expected to be aware of the Terms and Agreements and Rules and Regulations.

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