Welcome at Aerial Academics!

One of the few places in the Netherlands where Aerial Silk  classes are offered on a weekly basis.

Below some general rules  are listed which apply to lessons at Aerial Academics.

Payment. The payment is due every 1st of the month.

Presence.  In order to prevent lessons from starting too late, we ask the following:

  • We would like to see the participants 5 – 10 minutes prior to the start of our lessor or workshop. Do not be too late or too early.
  • In case of a weekly lesson, it is not obligatory to inform us when you cannot make it to the lesson. However, we do appreciate it if you can inform us prior to the lesson.

Safety.  Aerial silk is a sport which carries a series of risks, but you can limit these. In order to do so we have set up a series of rules:

  1. No student teaches other students new tricks.
  2. You need to wear tight-fitting clothing which cannot get tied up in the fabric during tricks and drops.
  3. Do not wear any jewellery which can get stuck in the fabric or which can damage it.
  4. If you take medication or if you are injured, be aware of your limitations and inform the supervising instructor prior to the lesson our workshop.
  5. There is both risk attached to performing tricks high in the air as well as low to the ground. When you are in doubt whether you are at the right high to perform a certain trick, always ask advice of the supervising instructor.
  6. Although falling carries a straight forward risk, getting tied up at a high height can be dangerous as well. Therefore, we ask you to think in advance what you want to do and how you need to do it before climbing up into the fabric.
  7. If you are not sure how to perform a move or drop in the right way, always make sure that somebody is watching. In case of doubt, ask the supervising instructor to watch while you perform your move or drop.
  8. Are you in doubt whether you wrapped the fabric in the right way, do not proceed any further. Slowly climb out of your position and start over.
  9. Never do something completely alone. Always make sure that somebody is watching your movements. In general, there are always more students at a single fabric, so keep an eye on each other.
  10. If you want to perform a trick that requires a mat, you are free to grab one. Do inform the supervising instructor and do not perform tricks that you are not familiar with.

Hygiene. We do ask everybody who performs aerial silk in our fabric to make sure that you have an excellent hygiene. This means that you have showered on the day of your training and that you are wearing clean clothes. The reason for this is that we want to assure that everybody can perform aerial silk with a clean fabric. However, washing the fabric reduces its sustainability and therefore safety, therefore we want to limit the amount of washes.

  • Social responsibility. We practice this lovely sport together. Therefore, we ask everybody to treat each other with dignity and respect and to make sure that it is a nice experience for everybody. Do you feel that there are any problems regarding this, please report this to the supervising instructor.
  • Grip-aid usage. Grip-aids offer the performer to gain more grip on the fabric. However, over usage will in time affect your grip and reduces grip for other users. Applying a little at the start of the training should be enough. Are you using liquid grip-aids? Please wait for them to dry before mounting the fabric.