We offer members of Aerial Academics the opportunity to participate to extra training. At this moment in time, the training sessions are planned once a month on Saturday (10:00-11:00). The exact dates of the training can be found in our online booking system.  Please be aware that the extra training opportunities are open training (no lessons) and therefore certain rules apply.

Rules for extra training

Participants of extra training
Only members of Aerial Academics are allowed to participate in these extra training.
To keep everybody safe we require that you followed at least 8 classes with us before you can join an open training. Are you in doubt, feel free to ask us.

Sign up/Sign out for extra training
Sign up and sign out for extra training can be done via our new online booking system . When you follow the link you are asked to log in with your email address. You can only access the booking system with the email address that is in our email register. The sign-up procedure after login should be self-explanatory, but feel free to ask us if you have questions.

Sign up: via booking system from 2 months till 6 hours in advance.
There are limited spots per training. If a training is full you can still sign up. You will then automatically be placed on a waiting list and the system will contact you via email when somebody signs out (remember to remove yourself from the waiting list or sign out timely if you know you won’t be able to participate!)

Sign out: via booking system till 12 hours before the training starts.
Give others the opportunity to participate. Sign out timely when you know you cannot make a training you signed up for.

Payment and price
To pay for the training you’ll need online credit (‘points’)
An open training of 60 minutes costs 2 points, an open training of 90 minutes costs 3 points.

When you sign up for a training the points are automatically deducted from your balance.
But no worries, if you sign out >12 hours ahead of the training the points are automatically returned. If, due to unfortunate events, you are have to sign out <12 hours ahead, please contact us via email.

Buy points:
It is possible to buy points in the studio; before or after your regular class (pay in cash). If you forgot to buy points you can also mail us and transfer the money to our account. Points will be added to your account as soon as the payment is received and the request is processed.

Online credit: points

As of now it is possible to buy points in the studio (before or after your regular class) or mail us and transfer the amount to our bank account. The points will be added to your account as soon as the payment is received and processed. Please take into account that the processing of the payments is manual. Hence, there may be some delay before your balance is updated. You can find your current balance on your personal page in the booking system.

You can buy points separately or in batch. In general, a batch is cheaper than separate points. There are three options available:

  • €3,00 =  1 point, validity period 3 months after purchase
  • €25,00 = 10 points, validity period 6 months after purchase
  • €45,00 = 20 points, validity period 6 months after purchase

When indicated, the points can also be used to pay for other activities at Aerial Academics. In that case, the price in points is indicated in the description of the training/activity. Furthermore, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • If Aerial Academics provides insufficient opportunity to exchange points for activities within the set term, Aerial Academics can extend the validity period.
  • Extension of the validity period is not applicable if the member is not able to participate in training due to reasons beyond Aerial Academics’ control.
  • Rates apply regardless of moment of arrival/departure.
  • Points cannot be used to pay memberships fees.
  • Points expire as soon as the membership is terminated.
  • Refunds are not possible.
  • Unless otherwise specified the following rates apply:

Open training 60 minutes = 2 points
Open training 90 minutes = 3 points


Members will receive points for lessons that are cancelled due to our holidays (does not apply to public holidays). These points are valid for 2 months and can be used to participate in the extra trainings.